Why Magento Is Better Than Other Ecommerce Platforms?


Selecting a CMS for your website is surely a tedious task to execute as it leaves great consequences on your website in the long term. However, WordPress is the market leader in CMS services; it isn’t too great when the only aim is e-commerce website development. At this point,Magento CMS works greatly well.

Despite the fact that Magento CMS stands fourth in the number and has the market share of only 2.6%, when the sole point or the objective is eCommerce sites, the story is totally different. Magento supports around 2,00,000 online stores which prompt one-fourth of the online eCommerce market.

Magento CMS is fundamentally developed by the ones who really know what they expect in an e-Commerce industry. So, in case you truly expect your e-Commerce website to be a part of your successful business, there is absolutely a need to select the platform which helps up the capabilities required to make progress. And, there is no doubt in saying that Magento offers every such ability.

Efficiently made for eCommerce

CMS like WordPress and Joomla have Plugins for e-Commerce whereas Magento is specially built up for e-Commerce platforms. With this, it turns out to be certain that Magento has the best features for customer payment, high volume online selling, etc.

Highly Customizable Platform

While utilizing Magento CMS, clients can easily build up their website as they need to. For this, they can utilize customizing extensions, utilize code and furthermore modify the site features and functions.

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How to Develop Applications for the Internet of Things


The Internet of things is the hot topic of conversation nowadays and it is not hard to explain why this is occurring. Before diving deep into this hot topic, it is must to understand what exactly IOT means. It refers to the connection of devices to the internet. Kitchen appliances, cars and even heart monitor can be connected through IOT. And, the list is expected to increase in the next few years.

Developing Applications for IOT

So, now if you have finally made the decision of developing applications for IOT, there are a few factors that must be taken into consideration. Let’s have a quick glance at all of them.

1. Understand the Levels

The first order of organizations for the individuals who want to create IOT applications is to understand how they should act as a framework. To begin with, you have to consider the device themselves, which frame the main level of this system.

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2. Make Apps Scalable

Your new application must be scalable. We’re as of now observing a few types of the Internet of Things technology, but since it’s still in its infancy, this will most probably grow exponentially in the coming time. So, in case you want your application to succeed in the long term, it should have the capacity to scale up quickly when this happens.

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Top 7 Tips to Make Your iPhone More Secure

iphone secure

Have you ever imagined, how much information your iPhone can reveal to a stranger even when lying on a table in front of you? From personal information to financial data, it can pass a lot to a stranger that you cannot afford.

We have collected these 8 essential tips to enable you to secure your iOS gadget. Let’s have a closer look every one of them:

1. Enable two-step authentication on your iCloud account

A few organizations offer services that can extract information from an iCloud account. Typically, the hacker would need to enter the user’s Apple ID and password to begin catching the information from the iCloud account, for example, instant messages, photographs and mobile application data.

2. Disable automatic backups to iCloud

If you don’t need your information to be moved automatically to iCloud and would like to manage your backups on your PC utilizing iTunes, then we would recommend disabling the feature that back-up your data to iCloud.

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3. Encrypt your iTunes backups

iTunes backups have a complete copy of the information hung on your iOS device and are regularly neglected as a risk of information compromise.

If a hacker gains access to iTunes backup from your PC they would gain access to all of your text messages, call logs, app data, pictures and much more. To guarantee your iTunes backup is secure, encrypt it with a strong and secret password in iTunes.

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All You Need to Know About Mobile Health Apps


The mobile applications are ruling various industries today. Then how could the healthcare sector lack behind?

Thanks to mobile health applications, everything in the healthcare industry has got digitalized. The purpose of these solutions is to lessen the health care costs and to give the patients the best results. The Health applications entirely abide the rules and regulations of the HIPAA.

Key Features of Healthcare Apps

While developing health-based apps, the mobile application developers should be aware of the essential features that must be stuffed into a health application. Moreover, these applications have been classified based on their particular features and their area of function.

Request Medicines Online and Get Home Delivery

There are numerous health applications that additionally facilitate their clients with online medicines and offer home delivery services. You simply need to register, upload the prescription and make the payment online. The medicines will be delivered to your doorsteps in the shortest possible time.

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Finding a Hospital

Today, a majority of the health-based applications are connected with the GPS technology, so the individual can come to the closest hospital in emergency situations.

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How to Engage and Retain Users in Your Mobile App?


Mobile application world is rapidly developing. Competition is so high that over 20% of applications are utilized just once and left thereafter. Smartphone users already have many applications installed and it’s simple for your application to get lost in such a competitive marketplace.

Basically, in this competitive marketplace, just investing resources into an application isn’t sufficient; the application needs to fit with the organization’s goals while doing justice with to its reputation, and it must be backed by a solid marketing strategy.

Here are a few tips for getting the attention of your customers towards your app in which you have already invested your valuable time and money.

First Impression Is Most Important

The fact that huge numbers of applications get utilized just once poses a challenge before the application developers to make the first impression worthwhile. The most recent trend in the application world is to launch a guided tour to present the application and exhibit what the application brings to the table. The concentration of the application developers before launching a mobile application should be on simplicity and better user experience; however, it is a challenge to accomplish it.

Hit the Target with Analytics

Nobody likes to receive useless and irrelevant information and waste their time. So you should try to deliver important, targeted and quality content to your app users depending on their in-app behavior, preferences and demographics.

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Micro Apps: How Are They Beneficial for Your Business?


Do you know what a micro app is? What purpose does it serve? Or how it can help your business? You may think that you don’t know much about micro apps, but you have interacted with the one. Consider Facebook Messenger. It is a micro app. It does one particular thing: permits live chat between Facebook clients. And this is the exact meaning of a micro application: it has a solitary usefulness, enabling the clients to tackle an exact issue or fulfill a particular need without navigating through an extensive and complex application.

What Are Micro Apps?

Micro applications allude to those applications that are small, customer oriented, task specific and provide a particular functionality, giving clients a chance to perform selected tasks easily. In contrast with the usual mobile apps, micro applications offer a system that is more tasks oriented and easy to use.

Micro Apps and Organizations

Presently, there is a speedy and simple approach to enhance your association’s efficiency by eliminating the individual procedures out of the framework and transforming them into basic mobile applications.

From an enterprise perspective, micro applications should be viewed as a few segments to accommodate and integrate into a solitary installable application. Delivering app development services that enable a client to be more productive and effective, and urging those to utilize these applications rather than the other applications should be the final target of the enterprise.

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Wearable Apps: 7 Factors Developers Need to Consider


Mobile App Development Industry is developing rapidly. Each one of us uses various applications in our day to day life. From texting and social networking to online shopping, news, photography, ticket booking, we have apps for all intents and purposes.

Today, we all can experience a drift in technology trends. And a great part of the credit for this move in development process goes to none other than wearable devices. The wearable devices have brought a noteworthy digital transition around the world. It has turned into the top choice for the technology lovers.

The wearables are portable gadgets that can be carried all over the place, thus much of your success will without a doubt depends upon the experience of the users and how do the application works. In this way, it’s necessary to examine at what elements should be taken into consideration while building up the applications for the wearable gadgets.

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Your goal must be clear

While you are moving toward developing your wearable application solution ensure your purpose is precisely defined. The idea on which your app is based should be imagined with right ease of use and assets to achieve success in highly competitive modern automation world.

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