How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Gym App Including all Necessary Features

Nowadays, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and analyzing the health condition from time to time is a global trend. We love our bodies but more than that we love convenience and simplicity in our everyday life that can come with a handy mobile application. A health and fitness mobile app can manage all necessary tasks for you from counting your steps to calories intake. So, big cheers to those who want to develop such apps.

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Types of Health and Fitness Apps

Before building such an application, the first thing you have to select is its category. Most general and prominently utilized health and fitness apps are mentioned beneath:

Fitness Trainer Applications

Apps of this category permit connecting clients with their fitness trainers. Work out details can be shared or transferred on these applications in various formats, for example, video, 3D models or simple text. Nowadays, the demand for fitness trainer applications is on rising with more number of individuals going to gyms. Arranging a personal trainer might be out of the budget for some; this is the place where personal trainer applications come into the picture.

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7 Things to Consider Before Developing Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

With so many studies and research out there on the upcoming marketing tools and technologies, how would you know or decide which ones you should focus on?


To help you in developing an effective marketing strategy for 2018, we have made the list of top 7 latest trends to follow this year.

Have a look and find the most needed trend you should think about as you strategize for the year ahead.

Keywords Strategy

The keyword strategy in Digital Marketing will change a bit in the coming years. Gone are the times of launching actions by putting a few keywords to a couple of generic ads and expecting results.

Mobile Is No Longer an Option – It Is a Necessity

This year, mobile marketing needs to be at the top of any marketer’s agenda. Below mentioned are a few points that you need to consider:

Location Specific ads: Mentioning a location in mobile ads and search results can increase click-through rates up to 200%.

Site Speed Should Be Fast: 74% of consumers will wait maximum 5 seconds for a web page to load on a mobile device before leaving the site.

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Ensure Data Security Services With Mobile ERP

In today’s era, there is a paradigm shift of utmost top companies towards the app economy. Recently, mobility has become one of the important parts of every enterprise strategy and in this way the corporations have a look about their business models. By adopting the mobile app customs, their perspective has become quite broader where they are fully conscious about the large term advantages that the mobility solutions require to provide about. This has several benefits such as competitive edge, improvement in growth through proper resource planning strategy which leads to productivity in the end.


The Mobile ERP has led to bulk amount of data go in one time only and this can only be achieved with the availability of well-structured mobile apps as well as gadgets that are able to manage a bulk amount.

Enterprise Data Violation Consideration

All-time access to the huge databases on mobile gadgets has led to the growth of information safety.

Let it be any industry like medical firm or Retail Company which helps in the protection of sensitive information from hackers which is the basic major prior of all. For instance, a medical data consists some useful knowledge about the drug recipes etc… so; any loss in the data would lead to a big problem for a pharmaceutical industry.

According to the research, there are three kinds of security that matters a lot such as follows:-

  1. Device level security
  2. Data level security
  3. Network level security

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Top 7 IOT Trends That Will Transform the Businesses in 2018

It’s difficult to not be at least a little excited for IoT.


The internet of things is changing the business world in each industry — from enabling organizations to track frameworks remotely, to providing doctors with patient data in the real-time and much more.

As 2017 has ended and we start to look forward to next year from now, there are a few key IoT trends business pioneers and IT teams should consider, doesn’t matter where they fall on the IoT adoption bend. These trends will affect how and where companies implement IoT, which IoT technologies they implement and how that will be combined with existing frameworks and services.

Here are a few trends that businesses should watch for in 2018.

It Will Drive Business Transformation

Organizations that have implemented or accepted IoT see the innovation as mission-critical to their business. These organizations are leading the ways with regards to digital transformation activities. As per Vodafone’s IoT Barometer, 74% of organizations that have adopted IoT concur that digital transformation is unimaginable without it. The associations that utilize IoT will have a clear advantage over competitors in the coming years with regards to advancing their digital capacities.

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Blockchain Is On The Way

Throughout the years we’ve gradually observed IoT and Blockchain technology combine. Now, it’s well known that Blockchain has many applications beyond just the finance technology industry. It can improve the security of devices and can make more seamless transactions.

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Android App Developers Gird up Your Loins: Google Announces New Guidelines for 2018

It’s the right time for Android application developers to grid their loins and begin with the new application development process announced by Google. Google has made some crucial announcements with respect to the rules related to the application development process. To stay in the race, all these rules must be implemented in 2018 and coming years. Read the news further to stay up to date on the development procedure.


All these major changes are occurring with just a single intent in mind to increase the robustness of the application security and enhance the performance of the mobile applications. The app developers should thoroughly be aware of the announcements and apply the same when creating applications in the near future. Google has also emphasized the point, why these major changes are needed and how the application can remain more secure.

These changes are:

The API Level Update

The API levels play a pivotal role in building up a protected and secured application. The rules in this category are applicable to Implicit intents for bindService() (Android 5.0) which is no longer supported, runtime consents in case of Android 6.0, client included CAs that have lost the reliability of secured links in Android 7.0 and applications that are not able to get the access to the account because of authorization from client in Android 8.0.

The applications that don’t get any update instruction won’t have any effect on them, but those applications that don’t focus on the API levels won’t be permitted to release. The engineers have been given the flexibility to pick their minSDKVersion with a specific end goal to keep them free from the issue of changing their development procedure.

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The Internet of Things: A Digital Revolution for Industries

From agribusinesses to retail, Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how organizations in numerous enterprises work together. There are many industries for which IoT is serving as a digital revolution.


Here are some of them:

1. Wearables

There are a large group of innovative wearables available today in the market. And these are not only restricted to fitness trackers, but also the clothing that measures respiration rate, smart glasses that enable augmented reality and football head protectors that have identification abilities.

2. Smart Homes and Offices

Both private and commercial buildings can benefit from the IoT gadgets. From a modern viewpoint, they can facilitate asset and energy optimization with gadgets like fridges, smart heating systems, associated cameras, and lighting.

3. Vehicles

Associated vehicles can detect, measure and make decisions depending upon the information assembled from the environment. The devices can also analyze traffic routes in order to avoid mishaps. This will result in a smoother stream of traffic, without human mistakes.

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User Experience: The Best Web Design Practice for a Stunning Website

User experience is a widely used topic in web design circles, but sometimes the business owners tend to dismiss a vague idea. This belief can cost you and your company a lot of money, so holding onto such a mindset is unfortunate.


The web design must be functional and this states that it should create a good user experience. Effective web design is a further step and enhances the user experience by creating an intuitive layout, telling a compelling story, and serves up what the user is looking for when they want to see it. For this reason, web designers are taking an active interest in the user experience to ensure that their designs are anticipating the needs of the target market.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the best web design practices for a great user experience:

1. Responsive Web Design

Smartphone and tablet users make up the majority of the web pages today. So, a web designer needs a responsive web design that adapts itself to any screen size or mobile browser.

2. Accessibility

As a web designer, you should focus on those users who may have disabilities. A number of online users have vision deficiencies, including color blindness.

One thing that the designers can easily do is to improve the user experience for the visually impaired is to make sure that alt tags are clear. In addition, avoiding certain colors that would make it difficult for those who are colorblind to completely absorb the text can make the site enjoyable for anyone. This readability is tremendously important to user experience.

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